ACU Mentoring

Teachers to complete Mentor Accreditation with ACU

30 teachers and school leaders will complete the ACU Mentoring, Mentoring Pre-service Teachers professional development program in June this year.

Educators from the North-West ACU Teaching Academy funded by the Victorian  department of Education t will be the first educators to become accredited ACU mentors The professional development explores the mentoring knowledge and skills needed to fulfil their important role as partners in teacher education with the ACU Faculty of Education and the Arts.

Delivered over a two day intensive this face to face ACU Mentoring professional development will equip mentor teachers to support the professional growth of pre-service teachers.

The innovative professional development program uses video narrative and case study to illustrate key concepts and mentoring skills.

Mentoring Pre-service Teachers will be delivered by Dr Joanna Barbousas the Director of ACU Mentoring based at the Melbourne ACU Campus. Dr Barbousas commented, "I see this as a valuable opportunity to give back to the teachers that play such an important role in teacher education and the preparation of our graduates".

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