ACU Mentoring

Announcing the Academics members of the ACU Mentoring initiative

Over 25 academics from the faculty of Education and Arts have joined the national ACU Mentoring initiative.

Representing all the campuses of ACU, this team will meet in Sydney on November 9 and 10,  to share their expertise, undergo professional development, and plan for the future direction of mentoring activities.

As members of this initiative academics will be leading professional development programs in schools and early learning centres across education systems in NSW, VIC, ACT and QLD.  High quality resources and research initiatives will be made available to partner schools/centres. The University mentors will represent ACU through their expertise in building resources for the newly established ACU Education Hub and work with partners to further develop initiatives in workforce renewal in teacher education. They will also be joining forces to expand research activity within the area of mentoring for teachers across all career stages. Professor Terri Seddon has been appointed the research fellow for the mentoring hub and will lead research initiatives and capacity build staff to engage in research programs within the Education Hub.

Members of this group responded to a call for expressions of interest and were carefully selected due to their extensive experience in teacher education and proven capacity to build sustainable partnerships with schools.

The group will be led by Dr Jillian Fox. This initiative was initially driven by the Executive Dean Professor Tania Aspland and established by Dr Joanna Barbousas and Sharon Hogan as the project officer.

This initiative is one of the many projects launched by the Faculty of Education and Arts to meet the recommendations of Action Now: Classroom Ready Teachers review completed by the Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group in 2014.