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How you can help

Study centre and residences

Students from refugee camps need to come to a study centre for access to computers, the internet and to be taught by the residential tutor and occasional visiting lecturers. We are also building up a small library of relevant books in English as well as providing lease payments for the study centre (which also acts as one of the residences at the moment).

Refugees do not have incomes and are denied even their rations when they go outside the camp. We rent two houses - one for women and one for men - in addition to paying for food, health care and utility bills.


Diploma in Liberal Studies graduates have either found jobs, mostly with NGOs (non-governmental organisations), or tried to find scholarships to study for a university degree. They are often accepted on the basis of their ACU qualifications. The stumbling block is the absence of scholarships available that cover tuition, books, tutoring and living costs for international students.

ACU would like to source support for scholarships to ensure these bright young people - who have struggled so much to gain their diploma from ACU - can continue to study for a degree.

Please consider sponsoring Burmese Refugee Program graduates who want to serve their own people and help further democracy in Burma. Without a scholarship, refugees have no way of paying for the prohibitive costs of studying in Australia.

Students require funding for airfares, living expenses, tuition fees and textbooks. Total costs per year for students are in the vicinity of $40,000.

Discuss funding opportunities

Please contact Elizabeth Fisher, Development Manager in the ACU Foundation office, who would be happy to explore funding possibilities.

There can be no more practical support than helping Program graduates study in Australia, a democratic country where they can take back with them both their newly-gained knowledge and their values-based university experience.

More information about giving to the program, can be found on the ACU Giving website.