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Making a Difference Together

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ACU’s Ministry suite (New in 2017), offers rigorous and imaginative theological reflection for those looking to enter, continue in or advance their ministerial roles.

Framed by intensive on-campus residential seminars, candidates are given the flexibility to undertake short course professional development courses through to the Doctorate of Ministry while continuing with their careers.

Making a Difference Together

Our education and training opportunities develop teachers and leaders with professional efficacy, theological literacy and the skills to bring faith and life into dialogue. Our small cohort size, dynamic learning environment, and close mentoring by distinguished staff is geared towards the generation of innovative research-based theses in service to the church.

ACU’s Ministry suite is the choice of leaders looking to advance their theological training.

Our courses

Developed to assist Catholic Education authorities, healthcare organisations and social service agencies, this course examines current approaches to this important priority. The Graduate Certificate in Education (Safeguarding Children and Young People) (New in 2017), explores national and international policy, theological perspectives and the politics and philosophy of the Catholic care tradition. This qualification provides an essential framework for those working with children or young people.

In collaboration with Boston College, ACU’s Graduate Certificate in Mission and Culture (New in 2017), deepens faith in professional life. This unique and flexible formation program is tailored to the needs of a range of roles such as mission officers, program directors, and administrative leaders. It is also directed to new senior managers and executives to help deepen their understanding and learnings of the Catholic identity of their organisation. This program is designed with two units complemented by a choice of two electives from across the university, and can be customised to align with specific workplace needs. Individual units may be credited towards a variety of postgraduate qualifications.

Our Graduate Certificate in Education (Leadership and the New Evangelisation) (New in 2017) provides an understanding of the faith journey and practice of faith formation for teachers, parish educators and youth ministers. The program specialisation is structured as a flexible set of two core units, with two electives from the full range of programs within Theology and Education. The course is designed to prepare educators for leadership roles within Catholic schools, as well as for further study in Religious Education or Theology at either a Masters or Doctoral level.

As places of learning and believing, Catholic schools encourage young minds to integrate faith, life and culture. Within this context, teachers are challenged to provide relevant and creative approaches to the discernment and development of a dynamic Catholic identity. The Signum Fidei Program (New in 2017), is offered to pre-service teachers and aims to equip them with the skills and knowledge to confidently participate in the faith life of Catholic schools. On successful completion, students are issued with a certificate that will assist Catholic employers to choose early career teachers who are able and willing to contribute to strengthening the identity and mission of Catholic schools.

The 'Enhancing Catholic School Identity (ECSI) project' is a collaborative venture between the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) and the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria to enhance Catholic identity in schools within an increasingly secular and pluralist environment. Available nationally, and with the potential to be credited into ACU’s new Master of Professional Studies in Theology, this program provides resources to staff, students, school communities and dioceses to help clarify  Catholic identity and beliefs, understand and enhance the Catholicity of  schools, and inform future direction and practices.

Effective leadership in a Catholic organisation depends on engaging the energies of staff, and establishing a bond between personal motivation and institutional mission for the achievement of shared goals. The Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Catholic Culture is designed for current and aspiring leaders in education, healthcare, social welfare, ministry and other Catholic agencies to promote leadership qualities that emphasise the relational formation of the human person.

In response to broad stakeholder consultation, our Master of Educational Leadership has been redesigned and now includes four distinct pathways - Catholic Educational Leadership, Leading Learning, Indigenous Leadership and Executive Leadership. Units from each of these pathways can be selected to create a tailored qualification.

The Graduate Certificate in Management of Not-For-Profit Organisations aims to create dynamic leaders with the resilience to embrace the evolving not-for-profit landscape, including developing an understanding of governance skills, requirements and related challenges.  This executive level program is offered jointly through ACU’s Peter Faber Business School and ACU Executive Education, and is ideal for senior decision-makers and aspiring leaders of not-for-profit, Catholic and other faith-based agencies and organisations.  ACU can deliver a range of short courses to meet governance and other business needs.

Other programs

International Study Tours

ACU also offers a range of international leadership study tours for Catholic professionals, including to our Rome Campus, the Middle East and Asia, that may be credited as an elective into other qualifications.  Study tours provide participants with in situ experiences that enliven and enhance their learning. All study tours are led by recognised discipline experts who guide participants' learning in ways that optimise the cultural, social, historical and geographical significance of each context.

Luminaries Series

Designed to complement our innovative range of professional learning opportunities, the ACU Luminaries Series of short courses, public seminars, and research colloquiums explore contemporary social, political and religious issues and their impact on our world. In some cases, these programs may be credited towards a formal qualification at ACU. To be invited to the next ACU Luminaries event, please register here.


The ACU Centre for Liturgy offers a full range of educational opportunities in its Liturgy suite. The Centre’s academic expertise and pastoral focus enables it to provide leadership in research, tertiary-level academic qualifications, professional development and pastoral training programs in liturgy and the sacred arts. Working closely with the Bishops Commission for Liturgy, the ACU Centre for Liturgy offers formative liturgical education at every level, from programs for parish ministers to doctoral degrees. The Centre delivers tailored programs to parishes, dioceses, schools and Catholic Education Offices throughout Australia, and internationally. The Liturgy suite of programs has been expanded for 2017.