Education and Arts

Catholic Identity and Mission

 La Salle Academy
ACU has a long tradition of nurturing the intellectual and spiritual life of our community. It is this mission that defines and unites the teaching expertise and research excellence of our faculties and research institutes. These academic centres work in unison to deliver a full suite of Catholic identity, mission and leadership programs for our Catholic partners.

Our partners within ACU

The Faculty of Education and Arts brings together the National School of Education’s leading reputation in teacher education, leadership and religious education with the vibrant arts, humanities and social science programs of the National School of Arts. The Faculty is at the forefront of teaching and learning innovation and provides students with a world-class research-led education.  Our graduates enjoy rich and rewarding professional lives as leaders within local and international Catholic, government and independent schools.

The ACU Professional Learning Hub provides the resources for teachers to continue their engaged learning and make a real difference to education practice and policy. The Hub offers mentoring, professional development courses, and access to special events.

Within the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy you will discover an educational experience designed and delivered by a dynamic and engaged community of scholars and in the company of dedicated and enthusiastic students. You will benefit from a comprehensive network of international affiliations, world-leading researchers and curriculum, and a nurturing environment.

Our Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry provides a vibrant hub for higher degree research across any of our designated and internationally acclaimed research areas including biblical and early Christian studies, Catholic Thought and Practice, Moral Philosophy and Applied Ethics, and the Philosophy and Phenomenology of Religion.

The extent to which mission informs and enlivens every aspect of university life is what makes ACU unique among all Australian universities. The Directorate of Identity and Mission is responsible for articulating, promoting and transmitting the Catholic intellectual and spiritual tradition to the university learning context. The establishment of the Centre for Liturgy provides a focus for these activities in the academic context.

ACU Executive Education works with all ACU Faculties to offer unique leadership courses to develop a new calibre of executive leader who can manage the complexities of today’s shifting business practices. Our tailored leadership short courses and degree qualifications are designed to develop key competencies specific to your organisation or industry and to provide real, measurable impact for your team. Each educational opportunity provides a pathway towards further skills and formal qualifications.

Through the PM Glynn Institute, ACU provides the Catholic Community with a standing capacity to analyse public policy issues relating to the Church and its ministries in Australia. The Institute provides the deep thinking to broaden the focus of public policy and to advance debate. In collaboration with Catholic partners, nationally and internationally, it brings intellectual rigour and thought leadership to strengthen the voice of the Catholic community in the public square.