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Journal of Religious Education

The Journal of Religious Education is a refereed publication for the academic exploration of the task of religious education in modern society. The journal helps disseminate original writings and research in religious education and catechesis - and in related areas such as spirituality, theology, moral and faith development, cultural contexts, ministry and schooling. Articles for publication on religious education in various contexts and on related areas, as well as book reviews are welcome.

The Journal evolved through the De La Salle Australian publication 'Our Apostolate', renamed 'Word in Life' in 1978. The Catholic College of Education assumed responsibility for the Journal in 1982 and in 1991 the Catholic College of Education Sydney was incorporated into Australian Catholic University (ACU). The responsibility for the journal rested with the former School of Religion and Philosophy and subsequent School of Religious Education at ACU. Its name was changed to the Journal of Religious Education in 1999.

The Journal is now produced by the Faculty of Education and Arts, with Professor Peta Goldburg as Editor-in-Chief. It is published by the world-renowned Springer Press.