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Postgraduate Education

Mid-year 2016 offer

ACU offers Faculty Sponsorship to students wishing to commence their studies mid-year 2016

The Faculty of Education and Arts is offering eligible students a Faculty Sponsorship to study a four unit Graduate Certificate or a Postgraduate Certificate and receive one unit free.

ACU’s postgraduate education courses are developed and delivered by sector-leading experts to ensure you will experience innovative and contemporary learning while building on your professional knowledge.

Programs within this offer include:

This course is for primary and secondary teachers who want to gain a qualification to teach religious education in Catholic primary and secondary schools. The Graduate Certificate in Religious Education is an initial course of study in the field of religious education which aims to provide students with an introduction to the various fields of religious study. Upon completion students can apply for credit toward a Masters level degree at ACU. This course satisfies accreditation in most dioceses across Australia.

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The Postgraduate Certificate in Religious Education aims to provide students already familiar with education with a broader view that incorporates the perspective of religious education. The units available to students also enable them to meet diocesan requirements related to the teaching of Religious Education as well as providing them with the foundational knowledge for leading in a Catholic or Church school. Upon completion students can apply for credit towards the Master of Religious Education.

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This course is designed for qualified teachers who wish to pursue further studies in a specialised area. The Graduate Certificate in Education is for experienced teachers and educators who want to complete an advanced academic and professional study that is relevant to their professional responsibilities and concerns. It can be undertaken as a stand-alone certificate or as part of a specialisation within the Master of Education. Upon completion students can apply for credit towards the Master of Education

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This course is for educators (including teachers and administrators) who want to become innovative, creative and energetic leaders of influence in education. Participants explore theories of educational leadership, management and administration (ELMA), and learn to apply them appropriately to their own contexts. The course units are expressed within ACU’s mission and values and help students understand concepts such as: Authentic leadership and management, Professional learning, Spirituality, Leading learning and Educational change. Upon completion students can apply for credit towards the Master of Educational Leadership.

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Applications close 24 July, so apply now to start studying midyear.

Conditions Apply

To be eligible for this offer:

  • students must commence in one of the selected programs (online mode) for Semester 2, 2016
  • Enrolled students pay the first three units.  The final unit will be paid via the Faculty Sponsorship. Students who accept this offer will not be eligible for credit from previous studies

Special Conditions

  • students must successfully complete a minimum of one unit per semester and complete four units by Semester 1, 2018
  • Students who are under another sponsorship arrangement will not be eligible for this offer
  • No deferments are accepted as part of this offer.  Students must commence studying in Semester 2, 2016 and complete by Semester 1, 2018.

Additional Offer

If you are able to support 20 students or more  in one program ACU can deliver the units in intensive, face to face mode in a location of your choice.

For further information about this offer please contact: