Education and Arts

The Mural project

When the students at Homebush Public School run out to have their lunch, they're not just sitting in a concrete playground. They are huddled around a cozy campfire, running through a cow-filled pasture, picking mushrooms in the forest, or on the lookout for wild animals.

The colourful mural, which spans a 39-metre playground wall at the Sydney primary school, was the creation of three ACU visual arts and design students – Montana O'Neill, Sophie Tsoukalas and Rebecca Malin. They put their ideas to Acting Principal Alex Moussawer and Assistant Principal Brian Lambert, and Adventure story became a reality.

Montana, Sophie and Rebecca sketched their scenes, and 30 ACU students from various courses volunteered their time. Painting took more than 500 hours and nearly three months. Not only does the mural contain a variety of settings, animals and plants, but letters, colours and numbers are hidden among the scenes, encouraging the children to learn and interact with the artwork.

"The mural is a stunning addition to our playground. We are thankful to the university students and coordinators for their time and effort in accomplishing this wonderful project, which students at Homebush Public School will enjoy for years to come," Mr Moussawer said. The mural was made possible thanks to the generous financial support of ACU,  Strathfield Council, and Bunnings Lidcombe.

This story first appeared in Insight.