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Successful Learning and Teaching Outcomes for FAS

Several staff from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences have distinguished themselves as the successful recipients of an Office of Learning and Teaching Citation and ACU Teaching and Development Grants.

Australian Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

School of Arts and Sciences (NSW/ACT) staff Dr Tony Stokes and Dr Sarah Wright have received the Australian Governments 2012 Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. They received the award "for developing teaching approaches and resources in economics that engage diverse students, enhance their learning and develop their generic skills."

Dr Wright and Dr Stokes have worked together in promoting quality teaching in economics and engaging students through student centred learning approaches that cater for individual learning styles. 

The economics team has regularly received recognition of the high quality of learning and teaching taking place at ACU. The Good Universities Guide has given the ACU economics discipline the highest ranking for quality teaching, generic skills and overall student satisfaction in each of the last three years. ACU is the only university to achieve this result in economics.   Dr Stokes had previously received Excellence in Teaching Awards at the University of Wollongong (1999) and ACU (2006) and a Carrick Citation (2006). In 2010, Dr Wright received the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award and the UniJobs "Lecturer of the Year for ACU". In 2011, Dr Wright was awarded an ACU Citation for developing teaching approaches and resources that engage students and enhance their learning by catering for their individual learning styles in economics. In January 2012, they were awarded a "Best Paper in Session Award" at the 2012 Orlando International Academic Conference, in the USA, for their paper titled, "How to Increase Student Learning Outcomes, Student Satisfaction and Retention Rates in Economics".

The Citations are part of the Australian Government's commitment to promote and advance learning and teaching in Australian higher education. They recognise and reward academic, general and sessional staff, and institutional associates, who have made significant contributions to student learning in a specific area.

The citations have a prize value of $10,000 each and will be presented at the national Australian Awards for University Teaching ceremony in November 2012.

ACU Teaching Development Grants

School of Arts and Sciences (Vic) staff consisting of Dr Tim McKenry (Team leader), Roger Hillman, Dr Mark Lyall and Elvis Richardson have been successful in their application for an ACU Teaching Development Grant entitled:
"The development of a multi-platform interactive application (app) designed to develop competencies around industry standard music and audio technology for undergraduates."

The project aims to develop a novel approach to accrediting students in the use of music and audio technology, create an interactive environment that allows students to virtually experience the functionality of music and audio technology, create a resource that can be accessed via tablet devices and personal computers and empower students to achieve higher levels of technical literacy and produce high-order creative outputs resulting from more competent applications of music and audio technology.

School of Arts and Sciences (Vic) staff Professor Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase (Team Leader) and Dr Diane Charleson and Faculty E-Learning Coordinator Ms Alison Blair have been successful in their application for an ACU Teaching Development Grant entitled:
"Re-presenting dispossession: refugees and forced migrants in a global perspective."

The project aims to enhance the student learning experience through direct incorporation of the analytical perspectives of studied experts through recorded interviews. The aim is to produce a set of digital resources and DVDs comprising discussions, interviews, photographs, film clips by authors of the text book used in the unit DVST200: Refugees and Forced Migration. The project also aims to mentor students in the Bachelor of Media Communications to produce the digital materials thereby providing them with an opportunity to develop their professional production skills.
View a 2min55 video clip from the project here.

School of Arts and Sciences (NSW/ACT) staff Michelle Black is part of a successful ACU teaching development grant that has been awarded to a team led by the library:
 Marianne Chauvet (Team leader), Campus Library, Strathfield:  "Leap into Learning: an online information literacy program for first year students."

Leap into learning is an online information literacy program, comprising four online modules. The project allows for first year students in particular, to develop academic research, referencing and writing skills using an online interface, which contains videos, activities and quiz questions. Module three is an embedded skills module, which allows academic staff to tailor this module to an assessment in their teaching area. The program is being trialled this semester through Leap into Sociology, and has been well received to date. The program will roll out in 2013 to all ACU staff, and poses significant benefits to ACU.

The Teaching Development Grants Scheme at ACU is designed to support scholarship, program, curriculum development and innovation in higher education learning and teaching.

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