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Week 2 and 3 in Proserpine

Week Two

The past two weeks have gone by so quickly, with so many things occurring and changing. Last Monday, the teacher in my classroom met with an accident and was unable to return to work. This meant that there was no registered teacher to help me through my prac. In addition there was also an incident outside my accommodation that disrupted the entire neighbourhood and scared the living daylights out of me. Fortunately, the police were notified in time and that was the end of it.

In light of all this, my university was extremely supportive of me and had arranged, within hours, a new centre and place for me to stay in Proserpine. A lovely lady named Melissa came to my accommodation and picked me up straight away and moved me into her house. I was shocked to see and hear how involved the community were – even with offering me a place to stay. I began my first day at my new centre, Proserpine Public Kindergarten, on the Tuesday.

When I arrived at Proserpine Public Kindergarten, the staff were extremely supportive, welcoming and willing to help me learn as much as I could about the centre, practices and the children. As I was overwhelmed, this visit to the centre reassured me that everything was coming together and going to work out. By the end of the week I gained confidence with how the centre ran, understood the children’s needs and have already developed close professional relationships with the staff. 

Week Three

Week three flew by quickly and I have really enjoyed working at this new centre. The staff are great to work with, and so are the children.

In a short time I have also had the privilege to see how the community are involved in the centre. We had an excursion on the Wednesday to the Catholic Primary School so the kindergarten students were able to see what prep would be like next year. It was raining on the day of the excursion, and most of the parents had forgotten to bring umbrellas and raincoats. A number of parents drove home, or went to the nearest shops to purchase umbrellas and raincoats for the students. I am really glad I was able to see how much of a close community Proserpine is.

During the third week, I was also able to take on teaching responsibility as a practice for next week where we have to complete a minimum of three consecutive days of teaching. This was really good experience for me, as I received feedback regarding which areas was effective and which needed improvement. Amy, the teacher in my room, loved my follow-up idea of road safety.

One of my earlier observation involved students holding up the stop and go signs while others were riding around the bike track. I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate this in my lesson plans through introducing road safety in books, on the excursion, and through recognition and understanding of signs. This lesson contains a number of learning outcomes which relate to the Kindergarten Guidelines Framework concepts of Identity, Connectedness, Well-being, Active Learning and Communication.

I am looking forward to conducting my lesson, and am currently in the process of planning activities for my three consecutive days of teaching. Using the feedback I have received, I am sure that my lessons will run smoothly and the students will enjoy them.

Giuliana with students from Proserpine Public Kindergarten
Here is a photo of my students involved in a practice run of my mini lesson. We made a zebra crossing, with blue chalk as it was a preferred colour preference, and used high visibility jackets to help with role-play.