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Preparing for Prosperine

I am extremely excited to begin my practicum at Proserpine Goodstart Early Learning Centre and hope that my experiences will enable me to individually and professionally grow as a pre-service teacher. I hope that throughout the duration of my practicum experience I am able to form partnerships with the colleagues, children, families and community in order to effectively plan activities in all areas of school that contribute to children’s individual growth and development.

I think my prac experience will offer me a lot of learning opportunities - I hope to learn how to respond professionally and reflectively to mentoring and feedback provided by the director, associate teacher and other centre staff. I am also looking forward to being away from home providing the chance to engage in some self-reflection to identify professional strengths and challenges and critically reflect on my own learning to communicate new understandings effectively.

It will be interesting to be see how I can link all I have learnt at uni about educational theory, mandatory policies, legislative and regulatory frameworks with the workplace. We have been taught a lot about effective curriculum decision making as an important element of teacher and children collaboration in early learning contexts, so it will be great to see how I can apply this. As an individual I also expect to work closely with each child to cater learning experiences to their diverse needs, and to also develop close partnerships with their parents/carers and the community to ensure quality provision and care are upheld and maintained.

I am preparing for my practicum experience by gathering information about Proserpine and booking my travel and accommodation - it seems I’ve already made a friend in town! I have also been in contact with the Goodstart Early Learning Centre and have organised all the details around my prac making sure I asked any questions that I needed to follow up on. I’m so organised that I have a folder with all my information, observation sheets, centre policies and other important documents in it. I haven’t started packing yet though – I might just get that done a few days beforehand.
I am also excited about living in Proserpine, as it is a great opportunity for me to experience living in a place where there is a greater sense of community in a small town. This will enable me to experience other cultures and gain a better understanding of the diversities of others, something which I am sure will be valuable to me as a teacher in the future. It will also teach me life skills such as being independent and having to fend for myself, without having to rely on mum and dad. I am looking forward to the independence and getting a sense of what life is like away from home.