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Week 2 and 3 in Charleville

Week 2 and 3
So the last two weeks have been very busy!

Not only have I seen emus, kangaroos and goannas in people’s front yards and in the town streets, I have also been very busy at the kindy. I can’t believe that I have one more week of teaching left! I have learnt so much, from the people, the town, teaching, the children and myself that it is hard to keep track!

At the kindy there are renovations happening so it has been very loud with the noises from the builders and not to mention the children! Due to the construction we have lost access to part of the playground and the inside, so it is extremely busy with the children and builders all in the one space. The children have been very curious looking at the builders and enjoy watching them build the extensions. Even though it is very exhausting with the noise and teaching I am enjoying every second of it!

After being at the centre for three weeks I have seen some big differences between the centre that I was at last year and this year. This kindy is play-based and so I have had to adjust to planning and teaching in this mode.

The children have been visiting their prep classes for next year so they are all really excited about going to school. They have started activities like learning to write their names, cooking, looking at worms in the worm farm, planting seeds in the garden & watching them grow, building a scarecrow and much more! It has been a lot of fun and I have learned a lot. The children are all beautiful and intelligent which makes this practicum very enjoyable. The staff are also very helpful and wonderful to work with.

In the past two weeks, I have been fortunate to go to a couple of meetings in the town which have brought together lots of different groups in the community. It has been been interesting to see how Indigenous people, children and families are supported in this town and the other towns around Charleville. In the city there are meetings and support, but those do not seem as involved in supporting families as these ones so that was nice to see.

making a scarecrow in Charleville
I’m looking forward to this week as I get to teach the class for three full days! Even though I have been taking big blocks of the day for most of the days I can’t wait. These days will show my learning and knowledge about teaching, the children and the local community so it is very exciting!

Talk soon,