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Preparing for Charleville

Hi, my name is Ellie and my teaching practicum starts in two weeks… YAY!

It’s a little daunting coming to the realisation that I am going to be away from home for a little while, with only my suitcase and bicycle, but I am so excited to have this experience.

Charleville is a small town 750km from Brisbane of about 3000 people. In short, it is a town kind of in the middle of Queensland surrounded by dirt and the hot sun. It has some shops, a post office, bus stop, train stop, airport, schools, observatory, accommodation and a racecourse…what more do you need! I am very excited to see the town and to meet the locals as I’ve heard that rural towns are very friendly.

Already a teacher at one of the primary schools has generously opened her doors and is allowing me to stay with her for the duration of my practicum! So I think that it is fair to say that I am very lucky to be going to such a beautiful town.

This experience in Charleville is not only going to be very valuable to my learning but also fun! I am very excited to see what life is like in a close-knit rural community and what the community provides for the people living in it. I am also very excited to learn more about the partnerships between children, families and staff in the centre and how these partnerships help the children to learn and develop!

I have spoken to the director of the early learning centre where I am completing my practicum and she sounds absolutely lovely. Once again it just shows how warm and generous country people are, which will make my practicum away from home run much more smoothly.

I am so excited for this experience and cannot wait to be teaching in the centre and in the local community! Talk with you soon,