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Final Week in Charleville!

So it has come to the end of my prac and I can’t believe how fast the last four weeks have gone! It seems like yesterday I left Brisbane on the bus westbound for Charleville, awaiting a fantastic learning experience.

This past week has been exceptionally busy as I took on three whole days of teaching towards the end of the week. The week started off well, except that the children would not listen to anything that I would say or ask them to do. I became a bit nervous for my three days of teaching; not nervous about having the responsibility of teaching, but that the children would not listen. I understand that they were not listening and were being resistant as they knew that I was the ‘student teacher’.

However, my full three teaching days came and they went better than expected!

My first day of teaching went really well as most of the children did have their listening ears on! It was a fantastic teaching day which started off by making fossils and playing with many things, waving to the train as it passed the kindergarten and singing to ‘dingle dangle scarecrow’. I was able to intentionally teach in all of the activities that the children were doing while extending and planning for future activities.

Then came the second day of teaching… the most chaotic day of teaching I think that I will ever experience! The teacher and myself spent the morning at one of the two primary schools with prep transitions. It was interesting seeing all of the kindy children sitting on the floor, hands in their lap and doing at the teacher asks… because when they got back to kindy they were extremely loud and excited! Because of these factors, it was very challenging and difficult to teach the children whom have challenging behaviours as there was a change in their routine.

Even though I have the responsibility for the class as it was my teaching day, the teacher, assistant and receptionist were all teaching alongside me because it was a very chaotic and challenging day! Looking back, I think that doing a practicum earlier this year at a special school was able to aid in my teaching approaches and behaviour management styles on this particular day. In saying this, I learned a lot from this day and I thoroughly enjoy it as it has made me a better and stronger teacher.

Then came the last day of teaching which went very quickly! In the morning the teacher and myself were off to the other primary school for their prep transition morning. Then back to kindy where we continued to make dinosaur and shell fossils, be shop keepers and customers, read books and play with many toys. I noticed that some of the children were not themselves today which was because they are a little scared of going to ‘big school’. So we talked a lot about ‘big school’ and read some books about going to school! At the end of the day the children initiated group time as they wanted to sing and dance to ‘dingle dangle scarecrow’ and ‘we’re going on a croc hunt’! It was fantastic to see all of the children participate and really enjoy these songs that they had learned with me the other day!

Ellie-Week 4
The three teaching days, like the rest of the four weeks have rushed by. The block teaching experience in particular was extremely exciting and I am glad to have had the experience. As I prepare for my trip back home, I shall have some time to reflect on my experience and learnings here. More on that in the next blog.

Talk soon,