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Participating in international publications

Australian Catholic University welcomes Professor Rudolf Straesser back to McAuley Campus. Professor Straesser is a Professor of Mathematics Education at the Institut fur Didaktik der Mathematik within Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany. While Professor Straesser is well known and widely published within Mathematics Education, his expertise is more broadly relevant to all scholarly endeavours in education. Professor Straesser currently holds editorial positions on a number of influential international publications including journals published in English, German and French – Educational Studies in Mathematics, ZDM: The International Journal on Mathematics Education, Recherches en Didactique des Mathématiques (RDM), and Journal fur Mathematikdidaktik (JMD). While at ACU, Professor Straesser will present two seminars related to participating in the process of international publication. These seminars are aimed primarily at early to mid career researchers, however, more experienced researchers may also find his perspective on international publication provides new insights into their own approaches.

Seminar 1 – Tips for Publishing in International Journals:
'Globalisation' is not only the catchword for discussions related to economy, but also a major development in scientific publishing. The seminar will give an overview of international journals (especially in Mathematics Education) and then offer advice on how to create papers that are publishable in such journals. After distinguishing traditional statistical papers from more qualitative approaches, comments on standard parts of such publications will complement the seminar.

AB.32 McAuley campus (Brisbane)
6 November 2014 from 10 - 11 am.

Seminar 2  - Workshop Writing and Responding to Journal Reviews:
As a starting point, the workshop will look into quality criteria of scientific publications in general and some requirements of specific journals. After identifying some major aspects of writing reviews, an unpublished text will be offered for a hands-on activity in review writing. Reviews written during the workshop will be contrasted to the reviews effectively sent to the author, which is myself, Rudolf. Possible reactions of the author will be written and compared with what the author himself has answered in complementing his revision.  The comparisons will give a realistic picture of the interaction between authors, reviewers and editors of scientific journals.

AB.32 McAuley campus (Brisbane)
10 November 2014 from 10 - 12 am.