Education and Arts

New Courses in 2016

The Faculty of Education and Arts is offerings two new undergraduate courses and two new masters’ programs commencing 2016. These student-centered innovative and contemporary courses are an exciting addition to our existing degree programs.

Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor of Digital Media

This course is an industry-oriented program that provides students with the practical skills required in a range of media industry roles, including:

  • digital video
  • radio
  • online content production
  • film and television
  • new and social media
  • digital journalism.

Emphasis is placed on practical streams, which include multiple studio-based units in digital video and online production.

The course includes writing for online media, offering units in digital journalism. Students are also able to elect a minor from the Bachelor of Arts degree that will be suitable for a Media major in the Masters of Teaching.

The course will put you at the cutting edge of the Digital Media field!

(The Bachelor of Digital Media was introduced to build on ACU’s recognised strengths in Media, Communications and Digital Journalism and create a cutting-edge degree that responds to the contemporary media environment).

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Bachelor of Teaching/ Bachelor of Exercise Science

This course is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in education, specifically in health, PE and personal development.

The course provides you with the skills and practical experience required to be an effective classroom teacher with a knowledge base of how the human body works, from the psychological, anatomical, physiological, motor control, biomechanical, and nutritional perspectives, with a specific focus on the role of exercise in health, wellbeing and performance.

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Postgraduate Courses

Master of Global Learning and Leadership

The program is designed for individuals who wish to understand how adults learn and change, build capacities for leading through learning, and navigate the context of rapid global change.

This program focuses on improving professional practice, wherever you work – in education and training, corporates and small business, government, public sector organisations, social networks and NGOs.

The Master of Global Learning and Leadership offers you the opportunity to learn and work with a transnational learning community and a diverse range of peers with experience in many different occupational settings.

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Master of Contemporary Literacies

This course is designed for teachers, educational leaders, researchers, school leaders, professional development/commercial service providers, policy makers, and other community stakeholders who want to develop professional knowledge and understanding of contemporary, evidence-informed literacy practices, policies and research.

The aim of this course is to equip educators with specialised knowledge with regard to the nature of 21st-century literacies, language informed approaches to literacy, and the nature of evidence in literacy curriculum and assessment. Students can include units from other Masters programs within the Faculty, such as the Master of Education, Master of Religious Education, Master of Educational Leadership or Master of Educational Assessment.

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