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Rita Finlay

Rita Finlay, Bachelor of Education (Fourth Year Upgrade)I am currently a full-time online student having a sea change after 18 years of teaching to have a family. This degree will allow me to step back into my career with confidence and new found skills particularly in the much needed area of digital technologies.

My studying time at ACU has predominantly been online with one summer face to face unit undertaken over the Christmas break. I have had the best of all forms of learning. I particularly love the online learning environment as I can manage it with other family and community commitments. I choose when to study and that makes the whole process much more enjoyable.

I have "met" many people online during my studies. Despite never having had a face to face conversation with them, the collaborative learning that occurs in a supportive online environment is immeasurable.

After less than a year at ACU, my hopes are to continue with my studying after this degree is finished…something I wasn't thinking about previously!