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History and sport on even footing

Professor John Foot is Professor of Modern Italian History at the University of Bristol, United Kingdom, and an ACU Professorial Fellow. He visits Australia this month to present his research on various aspects of Italy's history – from the country's divided memory, to its psychiatric history, and love of football.

Professor Foot will present his work at the following events:

Tuesday 29 July

What does Italian football tell us about Italy?
Italian Cultural Institute, Sydney

Sport is a perfect creator of national myths linked to triumph, tragedy and rebirth. In the Italian context, football has been able to create emotional attachments to national narratives, which have remained impressed in history.

This talk will use new theories of national identity to look at the way Italian football has shaped and unmade Italy in the 20th century, and how it reflects and helps us understand the workings of the state and the rule of law. The focus of the talk will be on the events of the 1982 World Cup and how they have been understood at the time, and since.

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Professor Foot also presented at these events earlier in the month.

Friday 11 July
Historians and divided memory: Studying the past in democratic Italy
Australian Historical Association Conference, Brisbane

Tuesday 15 July
Workshop: Psychiatric history and the history of psychiatry research
ACU North Sydney Campus

Papers looked at the value of official psychiatric documents for historians, the history of the movement for the reform of asylums in Italy in the 1960s and 1970s and de-institutionalisation and anti-psychiatry. Also considered was the way music represented mental illness in the post-war period in Italy, and the links between motherhood, madness and migration. A series of films and film-clips were also shown.