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Final graduation for educational leadership students in Mauritius


(Pictured above, graduates celebrating in Mauritius)

Last August saw the Faculty of Education and Arts celebrate the final graduation of the Master of Educational Leadership cohort taught in Mauritius.

Held on the 17th of August, 16 graduands gathered with family, friends and colleagues to be awarded their much anticipated Masters’ degrees. The students were congratulated and commended for their efforts by Mrs Gilberte Chung Kim Chung, Director of Catholic Education - Diocese of Port-Louis, who gave the keynote speech.

Mgr. Maurice E. Piat, Bishop of Port-Louis and Honourable Mrs Leela Devi Dookun, Minister of Education, were the Chief Guests.  Also in attendance were Father Jean Maurice Labour, Vicar General, Father Jean-Claude Veder, Director Institut Cardinal Jean Margeot, a representative of the ACU Mauritius Foundation Fund, heads of congregations, members of the clergy, members of the boards and ACU academics from the Faculty of Education and Arts.

ACU’s Master of Educational Leadership program partnership with the Diocese of Port-Louis started in 1998. Over the years it has seen 58 secondary school Principals, Assistant Principals and Teachers  graduate with a Master of Educational Leadership and go on to become leaders in the Catholic Education system with its network of 46 primary schools, 18 secondary schools and one technical college.

An ACU academic in attendance at the graduation celebration reflected on leadership and what it means to be an education leader’ saying in his speech, “Ironically, the highest reward for our responsibilities in leading is not what we get for it, but what we and our students become by it.  Our ultimate legacy is not the buildings named in our honour, but the pupils we have taught and guided.”

Mrs Chung said she found joy in knowing that during their studies, the students were given the opportunity to reflect on their core beliefs, their vision and their current pedagogical practices as leaders in their school community.

Transformational leadership, leadership for service, leadership for growth, leadership for change and leadership for renewal are now known concepts which I hope, have become your philosophy in your engagement, your commitment and your mission as an educator.  I hope you were personally challenged into reflecting on your own spirituality and its reflection in your life, as a Christian witness of GOD’s infinite love for humanity, for children and for the poor in your school community” commented Mrs Chung.

Mrs Chung, who graduated with a Master of Educational Leadership with the first cohort of students who commenced study in 1998, commented about the course saying, “I really gained a lot throughout the course. It was a transformative journey which allowed me to reflect on my values and beliefs in order to be a better leader in the school. For me, it was about being intrinsically certain of who I am so I could be the best of myself to my staff and students. It was also about being at ease in asserting my school culture and its Catholic values.”

Graduation 2

(Pictured above, the last cohort of graduates gathered in Mauritius)

About the Master of Educational Leadership

The Master of Educational Leadership provides greater depth for those committed to a leadership role. In addition to looking at the theory and application of leadership and organisation principles, it delves into the ethical and moral decisions that educational leaders are called upon to make.