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Bachelor of Visual Art and Design Graduation

This year's graduate exhibition entitled 'Current' is the culmination of the Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design degree for students at ACU Melbourne campus.

The opening was held on Friday 6 November to celebrate our students' achievements and congratulate them on an impressive collection of artworks showcasing their hard work and journey towards finding their artistic voice.

The exhibition features a diverse range of mediums including painting, collage, sculpture, video, drawing, installation, printmaking, photography, ceramics and graphic design.

At the opening address, Associate Vice-Chancellor (Melbourne) Dr John Ballard commented on the title of this year’s show saying, "The title of the show current, is evocative because it not only implies something ‘on trend’ or contemporary, but ‘current’ suggests the physical sensation of being in water and pulled in one direction. Metaphorically speaking that pull could be a powerful idea that inspires a student to obsessively follow a particular artistic direction or it could represent the frenetic energy of the BVAD student cohort as they flow into the studio each week". Dr Ballard then went on to explain how the students had become a close knit group over the years and how the team had fundraised $1200 for the printing of their graduation catalogue and catering the opening event.

'Current' marks the 13 year anniversary of the Bachelor of Visual Art and Design degree which equips graduates with a broad and comprehensive range of creative skills within the visual arts and design field.

Laura Kirkham, Michelle Clarke and Nicholas Burns designed this year’s elegant catalogue which is a testament to their innovation, talent and professionalism.

Five prizes were awarded on the night and are listed below:

  • ACU Award for Outstanding Visual Arts Graduate 2015 – Natalie Wyatt
  • ACU Bachelor of Visual Arts & Design Outstanding Achievement in Design 2015 – Andrea Fabris
  • ACU Bachelor of Visual Arts & Design Special Distinction Award 2015 - Catherine Vella
  • ACU Bachelor of Visual Arts & Design Visual Culture and Social Justice Award – Genevieve Murray
  • National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) 2015 Ignition Prize for Professional Practice – Michelle Clarke