Education and Arts

Bachelor of Teaching/ Bachelor of Exercise Science

Australian Catholic University is introducing a Bachelor of Teaching/ Bachelor of Exercise Science to its Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne campuses in Semester 1 2016.

The brand new program provides a four-year teaching qualification for:

  • Physical Education (PE) in Victoria;
  • Health, Outdoor and Physical Education (HOPE) in the ACT; and
  • Health and Physical Education (H/PE) in Queensland.

The double degree provides students with a great deal of flexibility in their chosen career path. Graduates will hold two degrees, a Bachelor of Teaching and a Bachelor of Exercise Science, thereby providing qualifications relevant to a career in both the Secondary Education and the Exercise Science sectors.

During the course students are also given the opportunity to select a discipline minor from ACU's Bachelor of Teaching/ Bachelor of Arts program. Students that take up this option will be able to use the minor as a secondary teaching qualification.