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ACU's Artist in Residence program engages students through creative arts education

In an innovative approach to teacher education, final year primary and secondary pre-service teachers at ACU spent two weeks working with international artist Ryan F Kennedy

A part of the Artist in Residency program at ACU Education's Melbourne campus, the students worked under Ryan's tutelage to create a collaborative art project. This allowed them to engage with the artistic process, enabling a better understanding of how artists think and create. 

The students found this engagement with the creative process helped them to consider how they could incorporate creativity into their teaching across different curriculum areas and how student outcomes could be met in and through visual arts. 

ACU student Jessie Clarke said, "There were individual cardboard pieces that had been weaved together to make whole. I started to make my own interpretations of the work. I considered how this would be a powerful activity for students learning about topics such as diversity and community, by getting them to think about how many different small parts work together to form a whole."

The Artist in Residency program offered pre-service teachers, graduate teachers and in-service teachers the opportunity to learn about the richness an artist brings to the learning environment. ACU also offers a variation of the program, with music as the focus.

Lecturer in charge of the project, Adam Staples, said about the program, "Resident musicians engage pre-service teachers in creating interactive music. The exposure to various forms of visual and music arts means that pre-service teachers receive a wholesome understanding of creative arts education. Sue Arney, Phil Melgaard and Sue Buchan are the artists involved in the 2012 program."

The progress of the collaborative installation can be viewed here

About Ryan F Kennedy
Ryan is an internationally renowned interdisciplinary artist from New York, specifically known for his work with sculpture, installation, video and mixed media. Exhibited widely in both solo and group form, Ryan has been touring Australia as an artist in residence and was requested to join the "Group Show" at Factory 49 in Sydney. He will also feature in "Cement" 2013, an art festival in New South Wales. Click here to visit Ryan's website.

iArtist4 Exhibition Invite

The collaborative artwork created by the group is to be exhibited at ACU's Brunswick gallery from Monday 10th December to Wednesday 12th December. For more information about the exhibition please visit the ivisual website