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2015 MATSITI Annual Conference

In October 2015 ACU academics Associate Professor Nerida Blair, Ms Leanne King attended MATSITI 2015 #OurMobTeach Conference with two of ACU’s Bachelor of Education (Primary) (Away from base) students based at our Strathfield campus; Michael Tyerman and Michael Heuston.

The students took the opportunity to network with School Principals from all over Australia as well as lead student discussions. “They presented and were actively engaged at the conference – earning them the name Magic Mikes”, commented Blair.  170 Indigenous and non-Indigenous educators attended this conference, people from all sectors – Catholic and State Education, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander School Principals and Policy Administrators.

Following the National MATSITI conference, there was consensus among #OurMobTeach delegates:

  • to endorse the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Strategy 2015-2018
  • seek recommitment of the Australian Education Council (Ministers) to a more equitable ratio of teachers to Indigenous students
  • call for an alliance of education and Indigenous partners to implement and monitor the Strategy
  • to support the first priority of the Strategy: Leadership, quality teaching and workforce development
  • to ensure a robust data, evidence and accountability framework
  • to continue the MATSITI alliance

Access more information about the Tarndanya Declaration here,

OurMobTeach 2015 is the premier event for the More Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Teachers Initiative (MATSITI). Visit the website: