Education and Arts

Other features of the conference

  1. ECR Workshop: Critical networking
    This session will feature presentations of doctoral research and collegial critical feedback with one input session from one of the key notes.
  2. Teacher Education Doctoral Research
    This will support development of a register of all doctoral and higher degree research in Teacher Education for publication on ATEA website. Poster presentations will form the data of the register which will be uploaded on to the website for public viewing by future employers, politicians and the press. 
  3. Recognition of Quality Teacher Symposium
    The symposium advocates recognition of quality teachers who are deemed to have had a positive impact on student learning that is directly linked to a teacher education, professional development or professional experiences initiative. It should reflect a successful partnership initiative with a HEI. An award will be presented to best paper/presentation.
  4. Accredited ATEA scholars - to be launched at Conference
    As is the case in HERDSA, members are invited to submit their professional portfolios for critique and assessment by a panel of teacher education experts, both national and international. The assessment will be based on a set of criteria: scholarly research contribution to the field; excellence in innovative teaching; contribution to teacher quality etc. Successful feedback enables applicant to claim their status as an accredited ATEA scholar: SATEA or ATEAS or ATEA Scholar.

There will be a small assessment fee to fund honorarium, travel, accommodation and other incidental expenses of assessors.