Education and Arts

Suggested Readings

Pre-conference Workshops: 30 September, 2013

Workshop 1:

Attitude, stance and audience awareness in student writing – tracking and supporting development in interpersonal meaning making:  Peter White (UNSW)

Martin, J.R. and P.R.R. White, (2005) The Language of Evaluation: Appraisal in English. New York, Palgrave MacMillan

Workshop 2:

Detailed Reading and Rewriting: David Rose (University of Sydney)

Rose, D. & J.R. Martin 2012. Learning to Write, Reading to Learn: Genre, knowledge and pedagogy in the Sydney School. London: Equinox

Rose, D. 2005. Democratising the Classroom: a Literacy Pedagogy for the New Generation. Journal of Education, 37:127-164,

Rose, D. 2013. Reading to Learn: Accelerating learning and closing the gap. Teacher training books and DVDs. Sydney: Reading to Learn,

Workshop 3:

Advanced Grammar and Meaning: Sally Humphrey (ACU) and Susan Feez (University of New England)

Humphrey, S.L, Droga, L., and S. Feez (2012) Grammar and Meaning Newtown, PETAA

Humphrey, S.L., Love, K. and L. Droga (2011) Working Grammar: An Introduction for Secondary English Teachers Melbourne, Pearson Australia

Humphrey, S. & Robinson, (2012) 'Using a 4x4 framework for whole school literacy development' In Knox, John, S. (ed) 'To boldly proceed' Papers from the 39th International Systemic Functional Congress, Sydney, July 2012,