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Bioethics Outlook is a quarterly publication of the Plunkett Centre.  The first edition which appeared in June, 1990, under the editorship of Chris Rigby and Susanna Davis, was a publication of our precursor institution: the Centre for Studies in Bioethics of the Catholic College of Education Sydney.   The first piece was a profile of Fr Tom Connolly, a key teacher of bioethics in the Catholic tradition in Australia (who predicted that the term 'bioethics' would not survive!). The second issue, which appeared in 1991 under the editorship of Bernadette Tobin, was a publication of the newly-formed 'joint' centre of Australian Catholic University and St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney.

Since then Bioethics Outlook has appeared quarterly. It is a 12-page magazine on significant issues for bioethical consideration.  Its audience includes students, teachers, members of boards, academics and health care professionals.

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