Our members

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Assistant director:

Administration team:

Centre members:

Advisory Board members:

  • Dr Max Stephens
  • Professor Alan Bishop
    (Monash University)
  • Ms Pam Betts
    (Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Education Office, Brisbane)
  • Professor Doug Clarke
    (Director, MTLRC)
  • Professor Marie Emmitt
    (Professor, ACU)
  • Associate Professor Vince Geiger
    (Deputy Director, MTLRC)
  • Professor Merrilyn Goos
    (University of Queensland)
  • Professor Deb Keen
    (Associate Dean of Research, Faculty of Education and Arts, ACU)
  • Mr Will Morony
    (Chief Executive Officer, Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers)
  • Mr Ray Peck
    (Senior Research Fellow, Australian Council for Educational Research)
  • Ms Anne Roche
    (Research Fellow, MTLRC)
  • Mr Matthew Sexton
    (ACU Representative of Higher Degree Research Students)
  • Ms Donna Shepherd
    (Finance Manager, Faculty of Education and Arts, ACU)
  • Dr Monica Wong
    (ACU Representative of Early Career Researchers)