MTLRC Seminar Series 2013

Upcoming Seminars:

Seminar #7 - Professor Rudolf Straesser

Tuesday 12th November - 3pm-4.30pm

Professor Rudolf Straesser from Justus Liebig University, Germany, will present a seminar entitled: "Internationalising your research: Cultural differences between research publications across journals with English, German or French as publication language".

Please advise Louise Hamilton if you will be attending at

Seminar #8 - Dr Andrea McDonough & Dr Jill Cheeseman

Monday 18th November - 3.30pm - 5pm


Past Seminars:

Seminar #6 - Dr Ann Gervasoni

On Tuesday 29th October 2013, Dr Ann Gervasoni presented a seminar entitled "Using MAI data to inform theory about the instructional needs of students in the whole number domains and the role of intervention programs".

Seminar #5 - Dr Monica Wong

On Wednesday 18th September 2013, Dr Monica Wong presented a seminar entitled: "NAPLAN uses Rasch: Can We?"

Seminar #4 - Dr Rhonda Faragher and A/P Barbara Clarke

On Wednesday 14th August 2013, Dr Rhonda Faragher (ACU) and Associate Professor Barbara Clarke (Monash University) presented a seminar entitled: "The findings of, and implications from recent research on children with Down Syndrome and mathematics for inclusive settings"

Seminar #3 - Joy Schonrock

On Tuesday 25th June 2013, Joy Schonrock presented a seminar entitled: "Profiling your research using Google Scholar Citations"

Handouts for this session

Seminar #2 - Professor Jim Middleton

On Wednesday 15th May 2013, Professor Jim Middleton from Arizona State University presented a seminar entitled: "Design-based research applied to mathematics curriculum development"

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Seminar #1 - Dr Siek Toon Khoo

On Tuesday 26th March 2013, Dr Siek Toon Khoo from Australian Council for Educational Research presented a seminar entitled: "Statistical modelling of longitudinal data: Opportunities and challenges"

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Please contact Louise Hamilton at or on (03) 9953 3836 if you would like any further information on any of these sessions.