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MTLC books:

** NEW ** Engaging Maths: 25 favourite lessons (Doug Clarke and Anne Roche) (PDF, 354KB)

Doug Clarke and Anne Roche enjoy creating lessons and working alongside teachers and students to make mathematics engaging, relevant and worthwhile.

In this book for primary teachers, they share 25 of their favourite lessons - ones that they love teaching.

Mathematics Assessment for Learning: Rich Tasks and Work Samples Book (Ann Downton, Rose Knight, Doug Clarke & Gerard Lewis) (PDF, 375KB)

A book for teachers seeking to inform their teaching by the use of tasks which can help to identify what their students know and can do in mathematics.

A great strength of this resource is that it not only presents appropriate tasks, but discusses these in the context of real student work samples (across a broad range of grade levels and demonstrated understandings) and possible assessment rubrics.

Articles written by MTLC members: