Responsibilities of the Fethullah Gulen Chair

The Chair:

  • provides academic leadership in research and scholarship, teaching and learning
  • provides leadership in the critical examination of current trends in the study of Islam and Muslim-Catholic relations, and of their implications for research, education, ethics, practice and policy
  • initiates and conducts leading-edge and nationally and internationally competitive research in the study of Islam and Muslim-Catholic relations, so informing developments in education, ethics, practice and policy
  • contributes significantly to the University’s research performance
  • attracts research and consultancy funds to support significant new research projects and programs consistent with the purposes of the position
  • establishes a culture of research in the study of Islam and Muslim-Catholic relations
  • supervises postgraduate research students
  • fosters productive and innovative links with colleagues in Australia and overseas
  • assists in developing inter-religious programs to be offered under the aegis of the Centre for Inter-religious Dialogue, particularly in the area of Muslim-Catholic relations
  • proposes ways in which inter-religious studies could be included in courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, especially studies which promote Muslim-Catholic dialogue and understanding
  • fosters community engagement with Muslim communities in Australia to promote mutual understanding and good relations between Muslims and Catholics
  • contributes to leadership education with a focus on the teachings of Islam, especially as expounded in the works of M. Fethullah Gülen.