The Collaboration Rubric: A Tool for Increasing Collaboration


Prof Gail Winkworth, Michael White


Adjunct Professor Gail Winkworth and colleague Michael White have developed an evidence based tool to guide organisations and networks in an action research process, to improve the way they work together and plan for the future. The Rubric assists different types of networks, including:

  • Newly formed networks to plan the development of their partnerships;
  • Established networks to monitor how their partnerships are working and what areas need attention;
  • Networks experiencing difficulties to identify areas of conflict and agreement so that they can move forward;
  • All networks to agree on shared goals and outcome; and,
  • Organisational units within organisations which need to work more collaboratively with each other.

Focusing on outcomes for clients, the Rubric was developed over multiple research projects. It connects key types of partnerships with 18 key factors found to underpin successful collaboration.

These factors are described in a developmental way so that services can monitor how their collaboration is progressing over time.


Winkworth, G., & White, M. (2012). A rubric for building effective collaboration. Canberra.