Indigenous Family Support


Prof Morag McArthur, Vicky Saunders, Bindi Bennett

Funding Source:

Marymead Child and Family Centre


The purpose of this project was to develop a greater understanding of the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in the ACT. Commissioned by Marymead Child and Family Centre, it sought to inform the development of an Indigenous family support program.

The project presented a review of relevant family support research literature and existing data and program information. Interviews were conducted with key stakeholders such as Indigenous communities, Indigenous families and key agencies to identify the range of needs and possible support interventions for Indigenous families. To ensure that this service was culturally appropriate, the project was guided by an Indigenous project officer.


McArthur, M., Bennett, B., & Saunders, V. (2007). What do Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families living in the ACT need in a family support program? Canberra: Institute of Child Protection Studies, ACU.