Affirm Evaluation Framework


Lorraine Thomson, Prof Morag McArthur

Funding Source:

Disability ACT


Disability ACT engaged ICPS to develop an evaluation framework for the Family-centred Flexible Response Model (AFFIRM) program. The AFFIRM program supports families of children and young people aged 10-20 years with a disability who have high and complex needs.

The initial development of the framework was undertaken by a working group from Disability ACT, Family Based Respite Care Inc (FaBRiC) and ICPS in consultation with the AFFIRM Steering Committee/Panel. The first stage of the evaluation framework design involved the development of a project logic, the purposes of the evaluation and agreed indicators of outcomes and other performance measures. The second stage involved the testing of the framework during the early months of AFFIRM's operation and the refinement of the framework using the information gained from this trial period.


McArthur, M., & Thompson, L. (2007). Evaluation Framework for 'A family-centred flexible intensive response model': Affirm. Canberra: Institute of Child Protection Studies, ACU.