Keep Me Safe

To grow and develop, children and young people need to be provided with safe and secure environments and be surrounded by adults who will protect them from harm.

Services have a responsibility to ensure that children and young people are safe while engaged in their programs: by identifying and minimising environmental risks, by engaging professional and adequately trained and supervised staff and by creating a setting where children and young people can discuss their concerns.

Booklet: Keep Me Safe

This booklet provides information on talking about tough stuff with kids and parents; what to do when a kid discloses abuse, harm or fear of harm; creating a kid-safe service; planning for safety; power and children's safety; tools and activities for kids about safety; a scenario and links to other resources.

Booklet: Keep Me Safe (PDF, 5.4MB)
Poster: Keep Me Safe (PDF, 581KB)


Some of the tools from the Kids Central Toolkit are also available to download below, including:

  • Tool 1D: Things That Make Me Feel Safe (PDF, 302KB)
    Can be used to introduce the topic of safety to children; hear from children about the things that help them feel safe; help with safety planning for individual children; and help families understand what each child needs to feel safe. 

  • Tool 1E: Worryometer (PDF, 284KB)
    Can be used to get a sense of how unsafe or worried children are feeling; allow exploration of what is making children feel unsafe, what helps them feel safer and less safe; and help children begin to differentiate between big worries and little worries.

  • Tool 1G: Responding to Concerns (PDF, 261KB)
    Can be used to respond to children's safety issues and concerns that might arise in discussions / planning.

  • Tool 1H: Safe Spaces (PDF, 227KB)
    Can be used to help children develop skills in relaxing, and end off a group session.