Exploring the contemporary causes of family conflict that contribute to experiences of youth homelessness


Dr Justin Barker, Dr Tim Moore, Steven Roche

Funding Source:

Melbourne City Mission


Consistent with recent conceptualisations of homelessness, the family-level ‘causes’ of youth homelessness are diverse and complex, and are interwoven with both individual and social/cultural factors. In response, this project aims to explore the contemporary social and cultural factors that contribute to family conflict and breakdown that may lead to young people experiencing homelessness, as well as the risk and protective factors for family conflict and breakdown.

The research findings will detail the contemporary pressures and causes that contribute to family conflict that can lead to homelessness, provide an understanding of the contemporary social and cultural context of family conflict and homelessness for young people, as well as inform policy and practice and contribute to the development of measures to positively impact the lives of young people.

For more information about the program, contact Steven Roche.