A meta-synthesis of children's qualitative evidence about family violence


Prof Morag McArthur, Dr Tim Moore, and Debbie Noble-Carr

Funding Source:

Department of Social Services


This 6 month project aims to assess the extent and nature of children’s qualitative evidence that is available to inform social policy and practice in the domain of family and domestic violence. This project will carry out a meta–analysis of the available evidence to explore and synthesise knowledge from qualitative investigations of children’s views and experiences of family and domestic violence. Due to overlapping domains; child protection, family support, family homelessness, family relationships (separation and divorce) research will also be included.

The questions framing the project include: what do children say about their experience of family violence and what do say they need from the service system? The project will also identify the current research gaps in what we know children think about these issues. Using QRQC as a systematic method for assessing quality, we aim to synthesise the key findings both at a descriptive level (what do children commonly say) and at an interpretive level (what do the findings mean for policy and services). This analysis aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the possible evidence available to policy makers.

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