Evaluation of the Targeted Care Packages Program


Dr Tim Moore, Steven Roche, Karen Milward, Morag McArthur; in partnership with ACIL Allen Consulting

Funding Source:

Victorian Department of Health and Human Services


The Targeted Care Packages is an initiative of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and forms part of reforms to better support building strong families and safe children in Victoria, and securing a sustainable out of home care system. The TCP is designed to enable individualised and flexible supports for home-based care not available within the current funding arrangements. It enables the child or young person’s transition from residential care into an alternative living arrangement, where their experience of care is more positive and their needs better met.

In 2016-17, the Department of Health and Human Services appointed ACIL Allen Consulting to evaluate the implementation and early achievements of Targeted Care Packages (TCP). ACIL Allen Consulting has partnered with the Institute of Child Protection Studies to conduct a discrete piece of work that considers children and young people’s perspectives on the program.

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