Evaluation of the ACT Child, Youth and Family Services Program


Dr Justin Barker, Prof Morag McArthur

Funding Source:

Community Services Directorate, ACT Government


In 2013, the Community Services Directorate commissioned ICPS to develop an evaluation plan for the ACT Child, Youth and Family Services Program (CYFSP). The CYFSP commenced in 2012 and provides an integrated and collaborative service system for vulnerable children, young people and families in the ACT. The Evaluation Plan was submitted in July 2013.

In 2014 the Community Services further commissioned ICPS to develop and conduct a process evaluation to assess the extent to which the CYFSP has been successfully implemented as intended and identify key issues and lessons learnt to aid future program implementation. This project assessed the feasibility of an outcome evaluation that would focus on the effectiveness of the CYFSP, asking the question: how much has the CYFSP achieved its desired outcomes? 

A report was submitted to the Community Services Directorate in late 2014.

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