The Effect on Parents and Young People of Family Tax Benefit Part A


Lorraine Thomson, Prof Morag McArthur, Bronwyn Thomson

Funding Source:

Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs


This Project looked at the effects on young people and their parents of the Australian Government's changes to Family Tax Benefit A (FTB A). The changes to FTB A mean that in order for parents to continue to receive FTB A for young people aged 16 - 20, those young people need to be in education or training to achieve Year 12 or equivalent, or have completed Year 12 or equivalent.

The study aimed to assist in building an appreciation of how young people and their parents understand and respond to the condition of participation in education in order to receive FTB A and of the impact that it will have on their lives. It also aimed to: uncover any unintended consequences of the policy changes; consider whether any measures need to be put in to place to mitigate these effects; and identify what young people see as enablers and barriers to education and training. 


Thomson, L., McArthur, M., & Thomson, B. (2012). Supporting young people in education: Impact of changes to FTB A on young people and their families. Canberra: Institute of Child Protection Studies, ACU.