Evaluation of Relationships Australia Canberra and Riverina (RACR) Counselling Program

Funding Source:

Relationships Australia


The Relationships Australia Canberra and Riverina (RACR) counselling program aimed to improve relationships for individuals, couples and families. This evaluation assessed the extent to which the program achieved its goals and addressed the priority areas identified in the strategic plan.

Key elements of the evaluation included: analysis of the use of the program by individuals, couples and families, including the number of sessions they attended and their overall demographics; assessing clients' views as to the effectiveness (accessibility, appropriateness and responsiveness) of the program; understanding key stakeholders views about the program; and working with staff to explore their views as to what is in place or needs to be in place an effective service.


Saunders, V., McArthur, M., Thomson, L., & Woodward, M. (2008). Relationships Australia Counselling Program Evaluation. Canberra: Institute of Child Protection Studies, ACU.