Family Relationship Centres and Family Relationship Advice Line Continuous Improvement Process


Dr Gail Winkworth, Prof Morag McArthur

Funding Source:

Attorney-General's Department


In late 2006, the Attorney General's Department contracted ICPS to undertake a consultative process with the first 15 of the Family Relationship Centres and all sites delivering the Family Relationships Advice Line to inform the second iteration of the Screening and Assessment Practice Framework and Guidelines (the Screening and Assessment Framework).

The consultation sought to explore:

  • The extent to which the guidelines are effective in assisting staff to determine service user needs, assess risk and achieve affective referrals;
  • To determine any variation in effectiveness of the guidelines in diverse settings (remote-rural) or with different service user groups;
  • The changes required to ensure the experience of practice changes to the Screening and Assessment Framework for use by Centres; and,
  • The training needs of Centre staff.


Winkworth, G., & McArthur, M. (2009). A practice framework to guide screening and assessment in the Australia Family Relationship Centres and Advice Line. Child & Family Social Work,14(4), 410-419.