Experience of Former Foster Carers


Lorraine Thomson, Prof Morag McArthur

Funding Source:

Foster Care Association of the ACT


This mixed-method study focused on former carers' reasons for leaving. It involved a survey of ACT foster carers, who had ceased fostering from January 2007 until April 2007; and semi-structured interviews with twelve former carers which provided a more in-depth understanding of their experience of finishing as foster carers. It also involved interviews with representatives from a range of organisations involved in fostering in ACT to identify their views as to why carers may have ceased fostering.


Research monograph

Thomson, L., & McArthur, M. (2007). Experiences of Former Foster Carers. Canberra: Institute of Child Protection Studies, ACU.

Associated publications

Thomson, L., & McArthur, M. (2009). Who's in our family? An application of the theory of family boundary ambiguity to the experiences of former foster carers. Adoption and Fostering Journal, 33(1) 68-79.

Thomson, L., & McArthur, M. (2010). Foster Carer Experiences of Leaving Foster Care in the Australian Capital Territory. Communities, Children and Families Australia, 5(2), 48-59.