Patricia Mackey

Research Scholar

BAppSc (OT), MSocSc (Welfare and Social Policy), BSW (Hons), G.Dip (Prof Writ)


Patricia is currently undertaking her PhD researching the question, 'How would you ethically conduct research with children on domestic violence?' having received a scholarship under the ARC Grant related to Managing Ethical Studies on Sensitive Issues: Involving children in social research. Patricia brings to her PhD research a career in juvenile justice, child protection, community services and in public advocacy. She has provided therapy and counselling for children and young people and has held specialist clinical practitioner and management/leadership roles. She was instrumental in NSW in the implementation and coordination of the Joint Investigation in Child Protection in Southern NSW and in the ACT in developing public advocacy as a distinct model of service provision separate from adult guardianship. Patricia has presented at international and national conferences on various topics relating to child protection, out-of-home care, social work and public advocacy in the areas of child protection, statutory victims' rights protection and in mental health.