Dr Carina Henriksson

Carina Henriksson
Visiting Research Fellow

Institute of Child Protection Studies

Teacher's Degree; B Languages; M SocSci; PhD (Education)
Email: carina.henriksson@acu.edu.au

Research Interests

  • Classroom interaction
  • The pedagogical relationship
  • School failure and drop-outs
  • At-risk young people
  • Ethics in teaching and research
  • Hermeneutic phenomenological methodology and expressive writing


Dr Carina Henriksson is an Associate Professor and senior lecturer at the Department of Pedagogy, Linnaeus University, Sweden. In February 2013 she commenced as a Visiting Research Fellow at the Australian Catholic University, with the Institute of Child Protection Studies. Prior to moving to Australia, Carina was a Research Fellow in Brunei at the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education, at Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

Carina is the editor of the international journal Phenomenology & Practice, a human science journal dedicated to the study of lived experiences within a broad range of disciplines. She is also the founder and editor of the Southern Hemisphere Human Science Newsletter, and is frequently asked to act as referee for scientific journals in Europe, Australia, Asia, and the US.

Carina has published in the areas of pedagogy at juvenile institutions, students with special needs in senior high school, school drop-out, curriculum studies, moral education, hermeneutic-phenomenological methodology, and online communication and education.

Selected Publications



Henriksson, C. (2014). Without him, I am not me: Siblings as co-writers of life stories. In I. Ljungqvist & P. Gerrevall (Eds.), Livet ar en berattelse: Vanbok till Hakan Jenner. Linnaeus University Press: Vaxjo.


Henriksson. C. (2012). Hermeneutic Phenomenology and Pedagogical Practice. In Friesen, N., Henriksson, C.,  and Saevi, T. (Eds.). (2012). Hermeneutic Phenomenology in Education. Method and Practice. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

Henriksson, C. (2012). What did you learn in school today? Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology. Special Edition, May 2012.

Henriksson, C., Friesen, N., & Saevi, T. (Eds.). (2012). Hermeneutic Phenomenology in Education. Method and Practice. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.


Henriksson, C (2010). Response to Jana Milloy's Review of Living Away from Blessings: School Failure as Lived Experience. Studies in Philosophy and Education, 29(4), 413-416. Invited.


Henriksson, C. (2009). Curriculum in Abundance – A Phenomenological Reading. Journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies, 5, June. Invited article.

Henriksson, C. (2009). Klassrumsflyktingar. Pedagogiska situationer och relationer i klassrummet. [Class room refugees. Pedagogical situations and relations in the classroom]. Lund: Studentlitteratur.

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Henriksson, C. (2008). Living Away from Blessings. School Failure as Lived Experience. London, Ontario: The Althouse Press.

Memberships and professional activities

  • Associate Professor at the School of Education, Psychology and Sport Science, Linnaeus University, Sweden
  • Editor of the Southern Hemisphere Human Science Newsletter
  • Co-Editor of the journal Phenomenology & Practice
  • Member of the network Values in Pedagogy, Linkoping University, Sweden
  • Member of the Nordic Network for Pedagogical Philosophy