Community Engagement v2

Vice-Chancellor - Integral part of students' education
Professor Greg Craven
Community engagement is an integral part of a student's education at Australian Catholic University (ACU). In all faculties and courses at ACU, students and staff are engaging with their communities. This is particularly relevant to the students of a Catholic university, where social and personal change and the education of the 'whole' person are very much a part of the journey.
Professor Greg Craven, Vice-Chancellor
ACU lecturer - Invaluable expereince
Community engagement, where ACU students interact directly with the local community, is an invaluable teaching and learning experience.
Ms BJ Johnson, Ballarat, Senior lecturer
ACU Student - Incredible advantage
I am so passionate about this experience (CE) that I feel it is an incredible advantage to students if they get this type of experience in the wider community.
ACU Student
Hear from our students
Commuity engagement at ACU is different
Everyone is involved
Including the Chancellor and Vice Chacellor
Staff and students engage directly with the community
We make a difference - teaching, learning, research, personally and professionally
Community benefits
Real change that brings hope for a better tomorrow