A Catholic University's Responsibility

"The Gospel, interpreted in the social teachings of the Church, is an urgent call to promote 'the development of those peoples who are striving to escape from hunger, misery, endemic diseases and ignorance; of those who are looking for a wider share in the benefits of civilization and a more active improvement of their human qualities; of those who are aiming purposefully at their complete fulfilment'. Every Catholic University feels responsible to contribute concretely to the progress of the society within which it works: for example it will be capable of searching for ways to make university education accessible to all those who are able to benefit from it, especially the poor or members of minority groups who customarily have been deprived of it. A Catholic University also has the responsibility, to the degree that it is able, to help to promote the development of the emerging nations."

John Paul II, Apostolic Constitution of the Supreme Pontiff on Catholic Universities, Section 34, 23.