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The university endorses the following principles:

  • Community engagement is to be a whole-of-university commitment that involves academic and administrative staff.
  • Community engagement, because of its significance for the University, has discernible effects on the structures as well as the functioning of the university.
  • Community engagement moves from a stance of compassion for those in need to solidarity with and sustained commitment to them.
  • Community engagement is to be expressed at the local, national, and international levels.
  • Community engagement must involve reflection and the capacity to form new knowledge as a result of engagement.

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How ACU accomplishes its mission is as important as the mission itself. Indeed, ACU's values are fundamental to success in its community engagement. The values outlined are applied to teaching and learning, research and working in communities at ACU.

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Community engagement benefits are expressed in the dimensions of:

  • Values, identity and mission;
  • Scholarship;
  • Nexus of community engagement, teaching and research;
  • Partnerships and relationships;
  • Public policy and practice; and
  • Transformative role of community engagement.

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