Genuine Community Engagement

Engagement with the human community is not just service to the community through imparting knowledge about social issues and problems. Engagement is a reciprocal process whereby communication is backed up, if possible, by interaction in ways that can effectively alter the way the problem is perceived by oneself and others. Genuine engagement moves beyond the level of mere service and allows the opportunity for societal response to help redefine the nature of the problem itself and perhaps forge new solutions.

Read More >> (Professor P. W. Sheehan, 2006) (PDF, 61kb)

Genuine Community Engagement is founded on mutual benefit and reciprocity

Community Engagement is a collaboration that brings the strengths, skills, knowledge and resources of the University and the community together.

By working with the community as equals, new knowledge and solutions are created that have a lasting impact upon today's critical social, cultural, economic and environmental issues especially in regards to equity, social inclusion and cohesion.

Community engagement scholarship and research are integral to ACU's community engagement.