Scholarship and research are embedded in all ACU's key community engagements including Clemente, to ensure outcomes and impacts and key learnings of these programs are reported and inform Public Policy. The recent Clemente ARC research reported significant impacts Higher Education policy, Social Inclusion policy and Research.

Recent Community Engagement Research Papers and Presentations: Social Inclusion through Education - Clemente Australia:

  • Howard, P., Marchant, T., Saggers, S., Butcher, J., Flatau, P., Cherednichenko, B., Taouk, Y., Bauskis, A., Falzon, J. & French, G. (2012). "We're part of our own solution" - Social inclusion through community embedded, socially-supported university education. Report of an Australian Research Council Project.
  • Butcher, J., O'Gorman, J. & Howard, P. (2012, under review) Personal Agency as a Primary Focus of University-Community Engagement: A Case Study of Clemente Australia. The Australasian Journal of University-Community Engagement
  • Howard, P. & Shepherd, J. (2012, under review). Realising Personal Leadership Capacity through Transformative Community Engagement. The Australasian Journal of University-Community Engagement
  • Gervasoni, A., Smith, J., & Howard, P. (2012, under review).Humanities education as a pathway for women in regional and rural Ausrtalia: Clemente Ballarat. Australian Journal of Adult Learning
  • Howard, P., & Butcher, J. (2012, in press). Clemente Australia - community embedded socially supported university education: enhancing the lives and learning of the socially isolated. In E. L. Brown (Ed) International Advances in Education: Global Initiatives for Equity and Social Justice Vol 1 Poverty and Social Class.

Complete list of Clemente Australia Research Papers and Presentations (PDF, 36.1 KB)

For research enquires please contact:

Associate Professor Peter Howard
National Leader, Beyond Disadvantage/National Leader, Clemente Australia
Institute for Advancing Community Engagement
T: +61 2 9701 4318

Catherine Metcalfe
Clemente Australia National Student and Liaison Officer
Institute for Advancing Community Engagement
T: +61 2 9701 4442