Current Students


Semester 1, 2015 Units of study:

Melbourne PHIL104 Introduction to Ethics
Ballarat ETHN107 Australian Society
Canberra ARTS109 2D Studies
Surry Hills ENG104 Introduction to Literature
Macarthur PHIL102 Theories of Human Nature
Mt Druitt PHIL104 Introduction to Ethics
Brisbane (1) POLS100 Introduction to Australian Politics
Brisbane (2) ENG104 Introduction to Literature

Shared learning' sessions and Learning Partners Support for Students

'Shared learning' sessions are where students are linked up with volunteers from the business, community or corporate sectors. These volunteers are known as 'learning partners' because both the students and the volunteers learn from interacting with one another over the 12 weeks of the unit.

Learning Partners assist the student by exploring the unit content together with the student. They are not necessarily experts on the unit subject matter.